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You’ve come a long way from dorm living. Situated at the corner of “Sup?” & “It’s-On”, residents of Foundry Commons enjoy an upbeat lifestyle where your FOMO is reduced. With immediate access to the Fitness Studio and other unique communal amenities, Foundry Commons is the right place to live if you want to be right in the middle of it all.

Community Amenities

  • Leasing Lounge: Retrieve the day’s mail, welcome your friends/guests, and so on.
  • Micro Gallery: Keep current with local artistry…in the comfort of your lounging clothes.
  • Gated Community: It’s a feature worth noting, and one you’ll surely appreciate.
  • Bocce Ball Court: Can you ever play just one round?
  • Pet Spa: Warning – Your furred companions will soon take this for granted.
  • Fitness Studio: A home and a gym membership for the price of one lease? Looks as though you’ll be adhering to that New Year’s resolution.
  • WELLBEATS: Available every hour of every day—neat, huh?
  • Library Loft: Yes, we’ve done it—we’ve made the library cool.
  • The Social Commons: Exactly what it sounds like—the physical counterpart to your online social network. More human faces, fewer digital avatars.
  • DIY Makers Space: Experiment while being productive, or be productive while experimenting. It’s a miniscule distinction, really.
  • Bike Workshop: Treat your bike well and it will repay the effort.
  • Luxe Pool: Lounge and relax in our Resort style pool

Apartment Amenities

  • Sleek New Finishes: Did you guess some combination of quartz & stainless steel? Well done.
  • Private Balconies: This amenity needs no instructions. View, reflect, inhale, exhale, repeat.
  • Art-Friendly Architecture: Every home interior is a gallery in progress.

Pet Policy

We Love Pets! To review our policy Click Here