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The Common Area is Anything But

The Commons is the collective heart of Foundry Commons. Smack dab in the middle of it all, The Commons offers a respite from the bustle of downtown San Jose. The courtyard, pool and walkways provide a venue for social gatherings, both planned and unplanned. The sprawling open plaza provides access to all of the amenities of the community.  

Apartment Details Block

When your co-workers complain about their commute, you’ll have to pretend to care.

The sprawling views and spacious settings of The Flats provide access to the Commons, its amenities as well as to the greater downtown San Jose area. Sparkling new finishes and clever architecture create living environments that are unlike anything you’ve seen. Private decks provide a taste of outdoor living, while convenient access to your private parking space makes for simple ins and outs.

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The Newest Place to Hang Your Fedora

You’ve come a long way from dorm living. Situated at the corner of “Sup?” & “It’s-On”, residents of The Factory enjoy an upbeat lifestyle where your FOMO is reduced. With immediate access to the Fitness Studio and other unique communal amenities, The Factory is the right place to live if you want to be right in the middle of it all.

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It’s a new lease on life. Literally.

Back up the moving truck and unpack a new life in our roomy Cottages. As you open your Back door and step into your private retreat, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re still minutes away from everywhere you need to be. Each Cottage is fully equipped with finishes and touches that will make your friends ache with envy. 


Features And Amenities

  • Leasing Lounge: Scoop up your Mail. Meet your guests. Get your lounge on
  • Coffee Bar: Be your own barista with our coffee house-grade java machine.
  • Micro Gallery: Check out the latest local art scene. In your slippers.
  • Gated Community: Hey it's ok to be a little snobby about this.
  • Pet Spa: Bring your pets. You can still refer to them as free-range.
  • Fitness Studio: A high-end gym on site. Now you really don’t have an excuse.
  • Library Loft: Recharge and relax in the hippest library you’ve ever been “shh’d” in.
  • The Social Commons: Oozing with luxe, the kitchen and private lounge area beckon your offline social media-ness.
  • DIY Makers Space: Make a mess. Make a business. Make something of yourself. Your personal production lab awaits.
  • Bike Workshop: Everything you need to tune up your “significant other.”
  • Sparkling new finishes: Quartz counters & stainless steel appliances.
  • Private Balconies: Step out onto your own personal oasis, get your zen on and take in the view. Now Breeeeeeathe.
  • Art-Friendly architecture: Curate your walls and adorn your floors to make your pad uniquely yours.
  • Put the ‘king' in parking: Roll in from the road into your defined spot. No more circling for parking while your dinner gets cold.
  • Fancy Foyer: Keyless entry. Inviting, stylish and dare we say, a little sexy.
  • WELLBEATS: 24/7on demand workouts